Friday, November 19, 2010

coty dreams

i don't know what he dreams about
his paws twitch
he barks, muffled barks, that must sound very loud in his dream
maybe he is at the dog park
maybe he is in a pack of wild dogs
maybe he is chasing leo

yesterday i had a biofeedback session and cleanse
i felt the vibrations in my body and organs and muscles
i got tired
my biocleanse water turned orange with black flecks
that means purification of joints and metals
my joints have been cracking a lot
i have been stiff
and stifled

they talked about parasites
i don't know if they meant energy parasites or actual parasites

last night i had a dream
i was pulling ticks off zoe
a lot of them
big fat corn ticks
as i pulled them off they began to turn into fat pink slug-like ticks
i found a way to slide them off gently
all of them

maybe something was cleansed/released/transformed/pushed

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