Saturday, December 25, 2010

it's christmas day

and i am onto new year's plans
i'm not even in my christmas sweater yet
or at my uncle's house
feeling scratchy and sweaty and eating things wrapped in bacon
that will happen later

but i am on to new year's plans
and the way i'll feel once i execute them

i am thinking of the yoga classes i will take
that will stretch out my aching body
and make my eyes shine glossy bright

and the scarves i will knit
the kind that you don't wrap, but drape and loop and coil
maybe with a button, or a pocket
with soft soft wool, and many different colors
all on one scarf
the kind of scarf that will stop the trendy girls in the street
and make them dote on me

i am thinking about the horses
i am always thinking about the horses

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